mBackup 3.01

Creates data backups and restore points for the mSecure information
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Provides options to import or export mSecure data from text file formats such as CSV, XML, etc. Basically, it creates backup points from your iOS or Android device to your local machine. The backup can be password protected and the restores can be made via Wi-Fi.

mBackup is a free desktop application to import, export, back and restore data to and from mSecure Password Manager for iOS and Android. mBackup enables you to import data from other password managers and CSV spreadsheets for easy data migration. mBackup also supports CSV and XML exports in an encrypted and un-encrypted formats for easy print outs or data for storage in a safety deposit box. mBackup can save multiple backups from mSecure handheld devices. mBackup is available for Mac and Windows computers and requires access to a wireless network to communicate with the handheld device.

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